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"I've been wanting to start translating, but didn't know where to start. This checklist is exactly what I need."

- Crystal P. -

Hey there, I'm Catharine!

I'm a wife, a mom, a Certified Translator and a Certified Community Interpreter.

And I know exactly how it feels to know that it's possible to use your language skills to earn money, but not know where to start.

Before I started translating, my family was in a little crisis mode. My husband was in graduate school, and we had twin toddlers and a baby on the way. We were always short on sleep and money.

So, I started teaching English to some of my neighbors. I liked it, but I had to work around their schedules, which didn't always fit with my twins' naptimes. And if my students needed to cancel, I wouldn't get paid, even though I had prepared the class.

I needed a job that I could do from home and that fit my family. Sound familiar? I had done some volunteer translations for a non-profit, but I thought I couldn't become a professional translator or charge for my services because I didn't have a degree in translation. I was wrong!

I applied to my first translation agency in March 2007. Since then, I've worked on THOUSANDS of translation projects, and now agencies ask me to review work done by other translators! But I made slow progress and learned many lessons the hard way because what I really needed was a GUIDE.

I created this checklist because, honestly, my bilingual friends kept asking me to! They know that I work on interesting projects and earn enough to be able to travel, get out of debt, and take care of my family. I was even able to homeschool my children while growing my business! I created this guide to help them get started, and now I'm sharing it with YOU. This is your shortcut to a life you'll love, with interesting and meaningful work, and time and money to spend with your loved ones. You don't have to wonder where to start or what comes next. Just follow the steps to YOUR bilingual success!